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I was born in Bristol, UK, and started playing recorder and cello at the age of seven. Music was always central to everything, even at that age. I was soon principal cellist of local school and youth orchestras, and was fortunate to find the Bristol Youth Recorder Group at an early age. After A levels, I went on to study for a music degree at Cardiff University, where I had cello lessons with George Isaac, an inspiring teacher and wonderful player.

After my first music degree, I studied the recorder and early music practice in the Netherlands from 1976, with Ku Ebbinge, Ricardo Kanji, Frans Bruggen and Wim ten Have. I lived and worked there until 1988, when I moved to Aberystwyth, Wales. There I taught at the University, as well as teaching in local Carmarthenshire schools.

I lived, performed and taught in Wales and then Iceland where I was principal cellist of the North Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, as well as recorder and cello teacher. Whilst in Iceland, I also set up a Baroque ensemble with other local musicians, and gave national workshops on Baroque style.

Currently I live in Scotland, where I conduct the Scottish Recorder Orchestra, as well as Recorders Incorporated. In recent years, composing has grown to be an important part of my activities. See the Compositions page.

For a brief period, I worked with computers, and became a Linux cluster specialist. If you are interested, I co-authored a book on this subject.

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