Compositions & Arrangements

List of works:

At various stages of my career, I have composed for different groups of people.

Past News

2012 proved to be a productive year, and in April, my piece, "Flow" was given its first public play/performance, at the Society of Recorder Players Festival and 75th Anniversary near Dorking, on April 21st. It is published by Peacock Press.

2009 was another fruitful year from a compositional point of view. I composed several pieces for different groups that I work with, including a Fantasia for five recorders, which has proved very popular. This has been published by Recorder Music Mail, and was also the first insert in a new Dutch recorder magazine, "blokfluitist".

Whilst living in The Netherlands, I composed a number of melodies based on Feminist theological poems, and was also a co-editor. These are still popular, and published in the collection, "Eva's Lied".

As a teacher in Iceland, I composed pieces for groups at the Akureyri Music School, as well as making an arrangement of some Icelandic folk songs, now published by Peacock Press (P 47), at Recorder Music Mail.

In 2001, I composed the "West Country Suite" (OL 234) for a national festival of the SRP. This is based on folk songs from the West Country, and is published by Oriel Library, available from Recorder MusicMail. It is a best seller in the UK and Germany.

Later, I composed a "German Suite" (P 181), based on German folk songs. This was given its first official public performance by the Dortmund Recorder Orchestra in October 2005, conducted by Dietrich Schnabel. German Suite sample. Another set of pieces is the "Bretton Suite" (P 182), a collection of simple trios. These are both available from Recorder Music Mail.

In October 2005, there was the first performance of a new "Playford Suite" (P 180), composed for the Bristol SRP, and also published by Peacock Press, at Recorder Music Mail. Playford sample.

I also arrange existing pieces to be played by small and large groups of recorders. These include Renaissance choral repertoire, as well as the music of Rameau, Grieg, Strauss, etc. A transcription of movements from Bach's Orchstral Suite Nr. 1 is available from Peacock Press, P231, for ATBGbCb, from Recorder Music Mail.

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