Recorders Incorporated

Recorders Incorporated

Recorders Incorporated will be visiting Edinburgh in 2017.

Recorders Incorporated, conducted by Eileen Silcocks and Tom Beets, is part of the relatively recent phenomenon of recorder orchestras that have sprung up throughout Europe. With members from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany they will visit Edinburgh for a rare performance. Expect Matthias Maute's jagged, jazzy Ten Tenors and sonorous 8-foot arrangements of renaissance polyphony, featuring basses, greats and contras.

Recorders Incorporated performed in Woking (2014, 2016), Bristol (2013), Woking (2012), Liverpool (2011), Ipswich (2010 & 2009), Halsway Manor (2008), and Hitchin (2007). The concerts were very well received, and you can read reviews in the Recorder Magazine.

Here are some extracts from the 2007 review:

"I have played recorders for some forty years and, although I have heard many outstanding ensembles, I was not prepared for such a sensational experience."

"Maute's Ten Times Tenor, was extremely exciting with meticulous attention to detail. The spiky unison opening and ending contrasted with the unusual shifting harmonies of the middle section. Concentration and tuning was of paramount importance."

"I was enchanted by the mix and contrast of early and modern music played convincingly and enthusiastically by such talented musicians and led so ably by Eileen Silcocks. It was good news to learn that all members of the orchestra were keen to repeat this exercise, an uplifting and energising experience for performers and audience alike."