Eileen Silcocks


Due to personal circumstances I am taking a work break and, regrettably, I have had to cancel planned engagements for the rest of 2014. I intend to be back in 2015.
Please note that I cannot guarantee instant responses to email and will not be in a position to consider or respond to any potential tutoring offers until Spring 2015.

If you are booked on one of my summer or autumn courses, they are still taking place!

"Eileen has the ability of making hard things easy."

Welcome to this web site about Eileen Silcocks, recorder player, conductor, composer, and much else besides. On these pages you can read about my activities, and find out how to participate in them.

To quote a fellow tutor on a course in Germany, after a workshop on French Baroque music, "Eileen has the ability of making hard things easy."

Please E-mail if you need more information.

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